Monday, October 1, 2012

Blue Fire Saga by Scott Prussing

This is a pretty fun series. I think it's geared more to the younger adult though the characters are college aged. The story line is good though. The only complaint I really have is the interaction between Leesa and Rave. While I like them as a couple I find myself bored with their childish banter. I find myself skipping paragraphs to get around the banter and the redundant recaps throughout the book. I don't really feel that anyone could really pick up the 2nd or 3rd book and be intrigued with the story so all the recaps are acting as a lot of filler and not necessary. Or the author really needs to find a better way to do this, like reminisce or something. I've stuck with the saga though because the plot line really is good. He would just hate me to be his editor ;)