Thursday, May 20, 2010

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole

So, this series is fun. It's a paranormal romance. I really like how the author writes. She's good at making sure there's just enough detail to let the reader picture what's going on. No overkill with the details ( a big peeve of mine). She also is good with her character development. It's easy to relate and fall in love with some of the characters and then there are some you can just hate (bad guys, of course). It's almost sad that each book has a new set of characters that the story focuses on. I liked Emma and Lachlain so much I wanted to read more about them. They are mentioned in the other books but nothing like the book that "stars" them. Though this is a romantic series it's not a smutty book. There is more of a real storyline than just the characters falling in love and having sex all the time. I also liked the fact that there is very little vulgar language. I always find it more respectable when the author finds other ways for her characters to express themselves than simply cursing. Cole in particular just says the character is swearing oaths instead of being specific on what the character is saying.

So, I recommend this series. They are easy, quick reads that keep you entertained.

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