Thursday, March 25, 2010

Latest reads

I recently finished the Gardella Vampire Chronicles series by Colleen Gleason. I have to say I liked it. I hope there are more installments in the series because Gleason had a way of painting a picture. I tend to steer closer to the more urban current time vampire stuff and this was a regency vampire series but I thought it was a pretty cool story base. Victoria is a recently debuted debutant and at the same time has recently been endowed with her family legacy to be a vampire huntress (Venator). She has very few people that know anything about her station as a Venator but many expect her to be the classic debutante and be married off to the richest bachelor and attend parties. Basically,live the lifestyle of the women of the regency period. It was a fun read. I recommend.
1st in the series titled The Rest Falls Away

Another fun read was the Jane Jameson series by Molly Harper. This is very similar to the Queen Betsy series by Mary Janice Davidson. Jane starts off human having a bad day and at the end of the bad day is turned into a vampire. She then has to learn to adjust to being a vampire and how to deal with her everyday life with a few complications that also rise up and get in her way. It's very witty and entertaining. I recommend as a fun light read.
1st in the series titled Nice Girls dont have Fangs

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