Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Book List

So I get asked a lot for book recommendations, I think I'll turn this blog into my personal book criticism blog. If you like Science Fiction, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy or what some consider Horror you will probably find this list more appealing. I tend to like books about a world that doesn't exist(though if it's Urban Fantasy, I like the fact they write it like it could). I've decided that I deal enough with reality if I'm reading I want to escape to a place that isn't!

Some of my favorite authors include:

Jeaniene Frost- LOVE LOVE LOVE her writing style.
Kim Harrison- another HUGE fav of her writing style
Karen Chance
Keri Arthur
Kelley Armstrong
Vicki Petterson

Series that I recommend by these authors are Night Huntress(Frost), The Hollows(Harrison), Cassandra Palmer(Chance), Riley Jenson, Guardian (Arthur), Women of Otherworld (Armstrong) Signs of the Zodiac (Petterson)

Demons Not Included by Cheyenne McCray
is another book I enjoyed but it's the 1st in a series that just began in 2009. I recommend this book though it was a lot more entertaining than some of McCray's other books. McCray is usually a romance author that really likes to write the raunchy romances. The only reason I trudged through her Magic series is that I like the underlying storyline. I just skipped through all the smut.

I recently finished the Vampire Diaries and have to say it was horrible. I really dont like to read YA series but I have been watching the TV series and since typically the books are better than the movies/TV shows I thought it would be a great read. I hate it when I'm wrong! The screenwriter for the TV series had a better idea of who these characters should be. He gave them more depth than Smith and overall gave more importance to the right details compared to Smith. I understand it seems to be a rule that if you are a YA author you MUST describe everything in such detail but, hey, if it has nothing to do with the plot leave it out. Really, I don't need to know the color of everything the character sees unless somehow it's important to the plot or an event down the line. The best written part of this series was the ending not because it was the end but that is where Smith really pulled out the big guns. She didn't over describe anything, she kept focus as to what was important, I was feeling for the characters and could easily picture everything that went on. I was even crying. I dont recommend this series at all and I'm not sure I will be reading anything else by this author.

That's it for now I'll post more later! :)

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Carla said...

YAY Faith! I am totally excited to see this blog! I think that not enough people take time out to read for recreation anymore. It's really nice to see someone keeping up with it :) I will be tuning in for all your latest reviews!!